Skull and Reaper by AnthonySkull and Reaper scene by Anthony
Aztec Warrior by AnthonyAztec By Anthony

Ace of Spades by AnthonyAce of Spades by Anthony 

Quasimoto by MiloQuasimoto by Milo
Smoke Scene by MiloFading by Milo

Lavendar by MiloLavendar by Milo

Aztec Bicep by GrimAztec by Grim
Snake by GrimSnake by Grim

by Grim Half Sleeve by Grim


phoenix color tattoo on armPhoenix by Noemi
Medusa by NoemiMedusa by Noemi

Rose Cover Up by Noemi Rose Coverup by Noemi



grim reaper plague doctor tattoo Plague Reaper by Artemis
Flying Fish by ArtemisFlying Fish by Artemis

Sacred Heart by ArtemisSacred Heart by Artemis

 belly button piercingNavel Piercing by Liz

LA by LizLA by Liz

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